Gracie and Pedro: Pets to the Rescue (2024) Full Movie Watch Online for Free

Gracie and Pedro are family pets with nothing in common. Gracie is a snobby, purebred pooch who considers herself "Best in Show", while Pedro is a brazen, rescue cat, preferring his dinner fresh from the trash. After the family undertakes a big move, Gracie and Pedro’s brawling destroys the airport baggage carousel, leaving the pets lost and stranded without their collars in a frightening and unknown world. What lies between the pets and reunification with their family is a daunting quest, packed with colorful characters and perilous adventures that forces Gracie and Pedro to accept what they have in common -- they won't quit on family. Meanwhile, Sophie and Gavin, the family kids, are not giving up on them either, posting a song about their lost pets which just happens to go viral.